A Tryke for Lincoln

Last year, before opening Pine and Sapling, my sister and I wrote down our core values as a company. One of which was “Giving back”.

The holidays were quickly approaching. We knew that it was a good time to donate in some way but not sure the best direction to take. A few days went by, we were invited to a dinner benefiting special needs children. Not knowing what it was about, we went. Thats how I was introduced to AMTRYKES, an organization that builds bicycles for special needs children. After hearing the stories from families that had received these trykes, we knew exactly where we wanted to help. The next day, we went to work figuring out the best way that our super small company can make an impact. We decided that a small percentage of every sale would go towards a tryke for a kid. By the end of the year, we added up our sales and made right at what it took to give one child a tryke! We couldn’t believe it! From there, they matched a child that had been on the waiting list, took his measurements and started building a tryke just for this little boy, Lincoln.

Fast forward 6 months. The tryke was finished. We had plans to have a big ceremony and watch Sweet Lincoln ride his bike for the first time. Because of Covid-19, we were only able to see him through video and pictures. The smile on his and his family’s face says it all. The happiness that those pictures brought was worth every penny given. I am so thankful for all the purchases made so that this donation could be possible.

I did have the opportunity to briefly talk to his mom and she says, “Lincoln is a quick learner and is soo excited about his new tryke.”

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