Whimsy & Row

This Los Angeles’ company’s mission is to provide ease and elegance for the modern, creative woman.  But that’s not all!

What we love about this brand is that they are a small batch brand. In other words, you won’t see everyone and their mama wearing it. But, they also have an eye on sustainable practices in every step of their production process.

“We take pride in consciously reducing our eco-footprint with every step in the process”

“We Use Deadstock Fabric”

AKA, excess and leftover fabric from other brands, who buy more than they might need. These are fabrics that get lost in a huge warehouse and eventually end up in landfills. The thought of that really ruffles our feathers, so we treasure hunt to find the best ones and cut as many pieces as we can out of them. Once a fabric is gone, we may never find it again. It’s the equivalent to finding a vintage gem – how often do you come upon an exact copy of your favorite piece?

“We Get Crafty”

We do our best to make the most of our leftovers by making bandanas and tops out of the excess fabric. This results in less fabric waste, aka less gunk in the landfills.

“Say Bye Bye, Plastic”

When goods are made overseas, merchandise is packaged in plastic polyester bags. These plastic bags are placed into a box filled with unnecessary paper, which is then filled with peanuts and sent off to the owner. At Whimsy + Row, we cut out the nonsense by picking up each piece from the factory as it is finished. We carry each style on hangers and deliver them to our warehouse. We’ll pass on all of the unnecessary waste, thanks! 

“Low impact, high reward”

We choose low impact fabrics like linen, viscose, tencel, and rayon. They biodegrade faster than synthetic fabrics and use substantially less water to create. They’re like the superheroes of the fabric world. Super-fabrics! Get it?
“Water is for drinking” – You can wear Whimsy with pride as absolutely no water is used for the making of our clothing. By refusing to use water to create our garments, this leaves more water for humans, plants, and animals.

“Reduce, reuse, repackage”

We use and recycle all of the packaging supplies we send and receive. All of the shipping materials that our vendors send us, we reuse that! The packaging materials that we use for online shipments are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. We encourage you to reuse them also. Even our tote bags, neck labels, and hangtags are made from recycled materials. Boom, take that!

“Made to love, made to last”

The best kind of clothing is made to last. We pay careful attention to be sure the garment you take home will last you for years to come. Every Whimsy piece is designed to retain shape, become more comfortable with each wear, and stay ready for your next adventure.

“Small batches with purpose”

We cut small quantities and specifically design our seasons in small batches – this way the pieces we make are unique. Basically, you won’t see everyone and their mama wearing it. Although that would be cool, we favor ethical production to mass production.