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This handmade 100% linen ruffle dress is adorable and easy to wear. Each piece is handmade and embroidered with love.

This brand uses old traditional skills and their small team designs, sews and embroiders each item by hand. This means that each linen garment is unique, even when using the same pattern for embroidery.

This brand believes in the value of handmade and put a lot of love and care in creating each piece.

Our philosophy

In an age full of trends and given the impact of fast fashion on the Earth we rather believe in creating clothes to last, improving things you can wear your whole life. This is why we do not produce seasonal collections.

About our linen

We make our clothes from certified Oeko-Tex Lithuanian linen. This is a great choice for those with very sensitive or even allergic skin. Moreover, for highly soft effect we wash all of our items with a non-toxic, non-petroleum based, biodegradable laundry soap.

Linen clothes are versatile and you can wear them in different temperatures: in hot weather, they help you to stay cool while in cold weather, they keep you warm.

Other information

Please note that colours may look slightly different due to computer monitor settings and lightening. Other items visible in the photo that are not mentioned in the product description are not included.




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Perfect for the holiday season and beyond!

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