Fin + Vince

We are excited to now carry Fin + Vince products! The brand was established in 2015 by two moms, Sara and Makel. The lack of durable, minimal, and practical pieces in childrenswear inspired these women to design children’s clothing that embodies charm, timeless design, and practicality. “These elements really play into the heirloom quality of our products. Our main desire is that our clothing is something that you cherish, something that lasts the test of time, and will ultimately be a part of your family’s generations.”

Aside from Fin + Vince’s incredible quality, they encompass clean and ethical manufacturing processes. The brand has upheld a strong goal of being transparent about where and how their products are made. “Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in South Africa, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. This provides them with things like school supplies, healthcare, and more. These women are passionate about making our creations come to life and that alone makes all the difference.”

Cherish the nostalgia with Fin + Vince! By striving to keep style and quality at the forefront of their design, this brand gives the ability to pass down their captivating pieces to future generations. Shop the brand! (Add link to product page)