Many of you know my passion for ethically-made clothing and why I choose to purchase quality made items that will last. Over a few years, I have taken steps toward a cleaner lifestyle for my family. I would like to share a few resources that have helped us along the way.


Many of the produce available at the grocery stores have been sprayed with pesticides and other harsh chemicals; such as roundup. Many countries have done away with Roundup but for some reason the U.S. continues to use it. Instead, you can choose to purchase organic foods, buy from your local farmers market or look into a CSA near you. Many CSA’s will deliver to your door step. AzureStandard also has great bulk products.


1 in 3 items thrown in landfills are clothing items. We, as American people, have to be more conscious of the way we are spending our money. When purchasing new clothing, pay attention to how it is made. Ask yourself, “Will I wear this in 5 years?” If the answer is NO, don’t buy it. When possible, purchase second hand. Poshmark is also a great option. And of course, I would suggest to shop with us. We try our hardest to source all of our items from excellent brands such as Whimsy&Row.


Many cleaning supplies ingredients such as clorox wipes, have been shown to cause cancer, allergic reactions, asthma, organ system toxicity, endocrine disruption, and other very scary health risks. I know many people are using clorox wipes right now due to the Covid outbreak.

I have an easy non-toxic cleaning that works great and it doesn’t cost more — an 8 oz. box of baking soda costs less than $4, a bottle of distilled vinegar costs less than two dollars and a lemon costs less than a buck. Simply combining those ingredients, it will create a great non-toxic cleaner.


I know that it can be overwhelming to change everything at once. If a cleaner lifestyle is something you are interested in, my suggestion is to choose one thing and start there. Once you have adjusted, take another step toward a cleaner lifestyle. Together, we can change the world!

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