P + S Travel Staples

It’s this time of year that our family gets the strong urge to travel, even if it is just for the day. Living in the southeast, the air is just starting to feel crisp, and the leaves are starting to turn those beautiful fall colors. Driving around through the mountains just has a way of renewing us and our spirit.

Finding the right travel friendly clothing isn’t always easy, though recently we’ve experimented with some of our own P + S products. Below are some of our favorite travel friendly items!

Pine (Mom) Picks:

I don’t know about you but my family cannot seem to agree on a comfortable temperature for the car. When I’m cold the hubs is hot and vice versa. So just bring a light jacket and be done with it! Our Clementine Jacket is hard to beat!

The Phoenix Jumpsuit is also a great choice for a long day of riding. The material is so comfortable and looks great after riding for hours. You can jump out of the car looking fresh and fashionable.

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Sapling (Child) Picks:

Honestly, any of our Gray Label outfits are great for traveling. If you’ve ever felt this material you will understand why. It’s possibly the softest material I have ever laid my hands on.