Gray Label

At P+S, we are passionate about choosing brands that make a positive impact. GRAY LABEL matched up perfectly with our vision

Gray Label takes organic to a whole new level with their GOTS certification. Did you say that you have never heard of GOTS Certification??? Let me tell you about it………….

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification label assures that everything is made following the highest standards of organic and socially responsible production.

  • No chemicals and pesticides
  • 91% water conservation
  • 62% energy conservation
  • 26%less soil erosion
  • 70 % less acidification of land and water
  • Farmers are protected by trade unions
  • Fair price and direct payment
  • Health improvement and better healthcare system

Want more information, here is a video:

“ I am so proud that we can say that our products are friendly to the planet and harmless for both those who use them and those who make them” – Emily Gray (GL Designer)