I Grow You, You Grow Me.

The year I became a mom was one of the best of my life. It was chock-full of inspiration. Even the hardships my family faced called for me to find my creativity again. Something I had turned my back to for years. I heard the phrase “I grow you, you grow me” and it struck a chord. I can’t, for the life of me, remember who said it or where I heard it but I knew I needed to write it down. I just had this feeling that it fit in my life somewhere. I wrote it on a sticky note and every time I cleaned off my desk and tried to throw it out it never quite made it to the waste basket. I would find it stuck to the fridge, in the bottom of my purse, in Goldie’s toys. I just had a feeling I would need it at some point. It was, after all, my first year of motherhood summed up in 6 little words. Plain and simple.

At the beginning of the year we were brainstorming trying to come up with a slogan for Pine + Sapling. How do you capture who we are in one catchy phrase? I’m just not that good with words! Then it hit me! Wasn’t that sticky note that keeps floating around something about growth?? Hmmm… that would go nicely with our name and logo imagery. Now where did I see that again??? After a quick search through the house, found it! Under. my. Bible.

I grow you, You grow me. It was perfect. It was about growth which calls back to our name and logo. My first thought was that it was about motherhood but as I thought of how it fits our company I started to really see the beauty in it. It speaks to motherhood, but couldn’t it also speak beautifully of sisterhood too? About our relationship with the Lord?

It’s the epitome of what Pine + Sapling’s roots are in. Motherhood, sisterhood, growth, and taking steps in faith when the Lord calls us to do so.

We are so excited to share another part of our story with you! I grow you, you grow me. It looks great on a T-Shirt too! 😉 Shop here.

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